An Artist’s Arsenal – Brushes and Brush Controls

Posted on 2011/11/11 at 05:46 by daarken 7 Comments

Brushes are your main weapon when it comes to digital painting, so you need to be prepared to go into battle! Daarken talks about his commonly used brushes and what he uses them for. He also explains how to change the brush controls to customize your brushes to suit your needs.

7 Comments on "An Artist’s Arsenal – Brushes and Brush Controls"

  1. Eludor · 2011/11/25 at 01:58 · Reply

    I’ve got the cloud brush from your personal homepage a long time ago – thanks for that.

    do you paint armor directly with a textured brush or do you build the form with a normal untextured brush and give it a textured overlay with another brush?

    I tried both things. Painting the form with a textured brush didn’t make too much difference, because after a lot of strokes the texture disappears, since everything in the form becomes 100% oppacity (but the transition between the strokes is much more easier).
    Painting the form and makeing the subtle texture in a diffrent pas, it tends too look unnatural.

    thanks for showing us your work material.

    • daarken
      daarken · 2011/11/25 at 09:20 · Reply

      I do both. That being said, I do not rely on a texture brush or on a photo overlay to add texture. I always go back and paint my textures in by hand.

  2. Dwalin · 2011/11/25 at 12:13 · Reply

    Oh! At last, after all this time, I’ve got to know the secret of your style ^_^

  3. Skyfish · 2011/11/28 at 15:59 · Reply

    That chain brush just blew my mind. chains are so hard but this is just so great! I could make chain creatures out of chains! Your covering of these brushes has been sincerely useful and I have already tried to mimic your brush settings and learned a lot. I previously went by Feng Zhu’s brush settings but yours are very different and I would like to use a mix. They also have different applications.

  4. Frank Thousand · 2012/04/09 at 03:40 · Reply

    Hi Daarken, when you say ‘the simple round brush that comes with photoshop’ which one of the round brushes are you referring to? What number? I cannot seem to find a round brush that behaves so smoothly the way you show. And how do I give continuity to the flow of paint? I mean, when you trace the line, the ‘blackness’ increases and when I do it here, even with pen pressure on, it seems to show no darker trace. And when I paint back and forth in the same straight line the blackness only increases if I lift the pen out of my tablet before painting the opposite direction of the same line. How can I fix this? Thank you for the amazing talented work and for so generously ditributing knowledgeable guidance!
    Frank :)

  5. Earl John · 2012/12/03 at 06:49 · Reply

    I also tried this one, I’m using CS3. The only simple round brush I see is the Hard round brush 19. I follow the steps and the difference between your brush and mine is, your brush is smooth and mine has this multiple repeating circles, so the time I’m trying the brush, its like I’m making a worm. It doesn’t bother if I’m using it when its small, its not recognize but when I increase its master diameter, my the repeating circles is so obvious that I have to stroke the brush a few more time so that I can block the repeating circles.

  6. Earl John · 2012/12/03 at 06:54 · Reply

    I think I got it, glad I checked the spacing. Problem solved. Ignore my first comment! Thanks Daarken…

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