Asus EP121 Vs. Fujitsu ST5112

Posted on 2012/02/10 at 01:03 by daarken 84 Comments

Most of you are probably familiar with the Fujitsu ST5112 by now. Even though the Fujitsu ST5112 is a great computer, it is no longer in production and is a fairly old computer now since it was originally released in 2006. The only way to buy one now is to find a used one through eBay. Nowadays the market has been flooded with tablets and slates, but which ones are actually good enough to produce professional work? The Asus EP121 is the tablet pc that appeared to be one of the better choices to battle against the Fujitsu ST5112. Let the battle begin!

Update – The link I gave for the Axiotron Studio Pen no longer works because they don’t sell it anymore on that site, but there are some on eBay here.

Update 4.6.2013 – I’ve been using the Asus EP121 for all of my professional work for a little over a year now, so I figured it would be a good time to drop by with some additional feedback. For the most part I love the Asus. There are just a few things I would like to mention.

  • The adapter isn’t your typical adapter. The pin is extremely small and fragile, so if it breaks, you have to buy a new one (which is $130). There are some generic ones that are cheaper, but I’m not sure how reliable they are.
  • The pin on my adapter actually snapped completely off. My computer fell about 1 foot onto carpet and it snapped the adapter in in half. Of course the fall is my fault, but since the adapter pin is so tiny and fragile, it snapped right off.
  • The connection where the adapter connects to the computer is loose, so if you move the cord, it won’t recognize that the computer is attached. I don’t think it was due to the fall since there was at least 6 months between the fall and the problem with the connection not being recognized.
  • The usb cover broke off about a week or two after I bought the computer.
  • I have yet to find a screen protector that lasts for more than 3 weeks. I have tried several, but all of them need replacing after 3-4 weeks. I never had problems with the Fujitsu screen protector. Unfortunately I can’t use the Fujitsu screen protector on my Asus, unless I get really ghetto and cut it down and tape it on.
  • I do notice sometimes after waking up the computer it won’t recognize the stylus or touch. I usually have to restart it. Sometimes I have to restart it a few times before it recognizes anything.

Fujitsu ST5112
Windows 7 32-bit
Photoshop CS2
Intel Core Duo CPU U2500 @ 1.20 GHz
2MB L2 cache
Display – 12.1” XGA 1024×768
Size – 12.77 x 8.66 x .88
Weight – 3.5 lbs
80 GB hard drive
Battery – 9-cell: 10.8V, 7800 mAh, 84 WHr max. Up to 9 hours
Levels of Pressure – 256
Price – $289+ Used

Asus EP121
Windows 7 64-bit
Photoshop CS5
Intel Core i5 470UM @ 1.33GHz
3MB L3 cache, Turbo Boost up to 1.86GHz
Display 12.1″ Wide SVGA 1280×800
Size – 12.28 x 8.16 x .67
Weight – 2.56 lbs
Battery – 4-cell lithium ion battery, 34W/h Up to 3 hours
Levels of Pressure – 256
Price – $1,100 New

84 Comments on "Asus EP121 Vs. Fujitsu ST5112"

  1. Tim Kaiser · 2012/02/10 at 01:40 · Reply

    Thanks for the review! Say, with your Fujitsu, have you ever thought about putting an SSD in it? To replace the hard drive? Because I want to get the Fujitsu, just can’t beat the price, I want to upgrade the ram of course, and put an SSD in it. But I’m just curious on how hard it would be to switch hard drives?

    Thanks Daarken, you are inspiring a new generation of artists. Keep it up.

    • daarken
      daarken · 2012/02/10 at 02:43 · Reply

      I’ve looked at SSDs, but they are extremely expensive. The Fujitsu has a shock sensor hard drive and I have had it for a few years and I have never had any problems with it. I am not sure if you can get any SSDs that will fit the ST5112, so you might want to do some research.

      • Sebastian Becker · 2012/02/15 at 09:41 · Reply

        Thanks for answering.
        New question:
        Is there a place were you can get information about which pens will do and which not?

        • daarken
          daarken · 2012/02/15 at 09:48 · Reply

          Intuos pens will not work with tablet PCs, but other pens like the Axiotron Studio Pen will.

          • kingsidorak · 2012/02/16 at 14:10 ·

            I have been looking at the Fujitsu tablet for a while, and I was wanting to know if the pen from a Wacom Bamboo MTE-450A, will work with it. That is the tablet I have had to use for the last few years, and I don’t think I’l be able to get another pen with the tablet.

  2. Sebastian Becker · 2012/02/10 at 04:22 · Reply

    Great review!
    I have one question:
    Does the Asus work with Wacom pens, too?


  3. Derek · 2012/02/10 at 05:35 · Reply

    Hi Daarken what do you think about the Eee Pad Transformer Prime TF201? I’m thinking about buying a tablet PC to do live studies outdoors. I also want to know if you think photoshop would run well on it? and if the axiotron studio pen would work on it?
    And thanks for this cool site great work! keep it up.

    • daarken
      daarken · 2012/02/10 at 10:59 · Reply

      The Transformer Prime is NOT a painting tablet. It has no pressure sensitivity and you can only use a capacitive stylus. A capacitive stylus is the one that is big and fat with a squishy end. Basically the Transformer Prime is like an iPad just with bumped up graphics and a different OS. The Axiotron Studio Pen will NOT work on it. If you are looking for something to paint on, I would go with a tablet that has pressure sensitivity.

  4. evaxe · 2012/02/10 at 08:57 · Reply

    have you ever looked at tablet-laptops? they are heavier but you get more levels of pressure than a tablet(usually). has 4-8 gigs of ram and can have anywhere from 320-500gb hd.

    • daarken
      daarken · 2012/02/10 at 11:10 · Reply

      Yes I’ve looked at them, but personally I don’t really like them that much. For me the point of the tablet pc is to be portable, so I just feel that the clamshell tablet PCs are just too big and bulky to carry around. They are also a lot more expensive. I was looking at the Fujitsu T901 and after customizing it and getting the extended warranty and whatnot, the price was going to be around $3,000. Sure it has better stats, but it is almost triple the price and not as portable.

      • CKMoore · 2012/02/13 at 12:50 · Reply

        I agree that slate pc’s are definitely more portable, light enough to carry and draw pretty comfortably. On the other hand – being able to use the pc as a full blown laptop is pretty useful too. I think it really depends on what the person wants to use it for. But the reason I am commenting here is that the t900 (earlier model of the t901) is still a great tabletpc and can be purchased off ebay for good deals. I got one with an extra battery, extra battery cable, and fully upgraded (ram/hardrive/etc) and with a docking bay for only 1400, and it was unused. To top it off, fujitsu let me buy a warranty for it :). That said, the ep121 is pretty awesome as well. The ep121 is smaller and lighter, while the t900 is larger (13.3 inch screen), but heavier.

  5. Trace007 · 2012/02/10 at 09:47 · Reply

    Is CS2 the best photoshop you can run on your fujitsu? I’m running XP and CS5 with 2GB’s of RAM. Do you think the OS makes a difference?

    • daarken
      daarken · 2012/02/10 at 10:54 · Reply

      The reason I was running CS2 is because that was the only Photoshop I had for Windows at the time.

  6. Ole · 2012/02/10 at 14:16 · Reply

    Hello :)
    You might already know this, but if not it could be of use to you with your new ep121

    Its an autohotkey script that gives you “buttons” like on the intuos.

    I havent tested it myself, but i saw the video a while ago and remembered it when checking out your review.

    Your drawings are awsome :)


  7. Cody · 2012/02/10 at 14:44 · Reply

    I have a solid state drive, 4gb of ram and windows 7 on my Fujitsu ST51123 and can honestly say after testing an Asus ep121 out the Fujitsu wins hands down in my book. stay off the internet, keep things lite and tight by only keeping photoshop on the drive, and the performance is surprisingly awesome. I also have a mini bluetooth keyboard for it so I can use all my favorite photoshop keystrokes without having to bring up the input-panel. if the price was cut in half on the Asus I would strongly consider it, but with a few upgrades to the Fujitsu I won’t be upgrading anytime soon. Also to anybody in the market for a Fujitsu, don’t buy those refurbished 289 dollar ones. they have been stripped down and are in worse shape than buying one used from the original owner. just be patient and keep an eye out for that. I bought mine with the specs described above for $200 from the original owner on ebay!!

    • daarken
      daarken · 2012/02/10 at 16:26 · Reply

      Thanks for the info! Yeah I only use my tablets for work, so I don’t have other programs on it unless they are related to my work. I bought my Fujitsu used from a friend, so it is in great condition.

  8. Chemsem · 2012/02/10 at 16:03 · Reply

    FINALLY! Glad you had a chance to play with this bad boy. Did you notice any heat while working on Ep121? How warm did it feel while working it? I’m still debating how portable this machine is. I’m afraid to put money on it and then find out I still have to work at the desk rather than the kitchen table or couch. What are your thoughts?

    • daarken
      daarken · 2012/02/10 at 16:23 · Reply

      There is no heat issue with either tablet. It is extremely portable. I always work on the couch or outside.

      • Chemsem · 2012/02/10 at 16:41 · Reply

        awesome. thank you. I guess I’ll have to hunker down to get one. I’ll miss my mac that is for sure.

  9. DrewMuch · 2012/02/10 at 19:00 · Reply

    Hey Daarken,
    Thanks so much for this video.

    Man I have been contemplating buying that asus tablet for like 6 months or so.
    Good to know this information, I have the Asus G73 laptop at the moment but I’m trying to swap it out for something far more portable (this damn thing is 17 inches of nuisance now…) for school and such.

    1100$ is pretty steep for me at the moment but I had no luck with the fujitsu, most of the ones being sold looked pretty beat up.

    This video does clear up a lot of my questions so thanks for that!

    Btw, loved the last anatomy video, hope to see more on that topic. :D


  10. Ricardo Arganza · 2012/02/11 at 04:56 · Reply

    Hey, Daarken.
    Great video. I love it because i was thinking about buying an asus 121. I have a cuestion. How is the lag when painting? In the video seems to be no laggy but what if you´re working with let´s say 8 or 10 layers in a large image as about 6000 pixels in the longest side. Do you feel it slow with medium or small brushes? Idon´t mind lag in big brushes like 250 pixels or more because my 3gb imac is quite slow and i don´t think is a big problem for me. Also most of the time i work with no more than 3 or 4 layers, so if it´s enought responsive at that sizes i think i´ll go for it. I´d like to know because in my country it´s not for sale so i have to import from Germany and i probably have no choice to return it and i want to be sure before espending that money.
    Thanks a lot!

    • daarken
      daarken · 2012/02/13 at 14:28 · Reply

      The only time I really notice any lag is when I use really large brushes like you mentioned, but that happens with my desktop too. Most of the time my files are around 500 megs, sometimes they go up to 1 gig. There is some lag when I go to save or flip the image, but as far as actual painting I don’t really have any problems. I do all of my professional work on my tablet pcs, so they are definitely good enough for that.

  11. Drayden · 2012/02/11 at 22:52 · Reply

    Hey Daarken,

    Thx for this review.

    I tried lookin for a fujitsu at amazon.. but I am too scared maybe it wont work. Can I just buy yours since you got your new asus? >_<

  12. Silwynar · 2012/02/12 at 06:24 · Reply

    I am wondering if you didn’t want to test out the Samsung Slate 7.
    It’s a tablet PC like the EP121 but everything you don’t like at the EP121 is fixed with the Slate 7.

    The Slate 7 has a higher screen resolution, even more power and a loooonger battery life. Battery life is even going to be higher then the one of the Fujitsu.

    Be sure to check this tablet out.
    Another comparison video would be awesome, but I think you’re not going to buy a third tablet :D

    Sil! :)

    • daarken
      daarken · 2012/02/12 at 18:49 · Reply

      Honestly I didn’t know about it until a few days ago :).

  13. Venge · 2012/02/12 at 14:02 · Reply

    Hey Daarken,

    Just watched this video a few days ago and my laptop died, coincidence?! Anyway, Im looking at getting a Samsung Series 7 Slate or the Asus you reviewed. I was wondering if you have heard anything on the Samsung series 7 slate 700t.

    Thank you very much.

    • daarken
      daarken · 2012/02/12 at 18:48 · Reply

      I have never used it, but someone on the forums just got one so you might want to ask him.

      • Chemsem · 2012/02/13 at 13:59 · Reply

        I wish there was a better way to test drive these machines (slate 7 or ep121) rather than waiting via youtube videos. How did you get access to your fujitsu before considering buying it?

        • daarken
          daarken · 2012/02/13 at 14:24 · Reply

          Hah, I didn’t. I saw that my friend was selling his so I just took a chance.

          • Chemsem · 2012/02/13 at 15:36 ·

            Of course. LOL lucky dude

    • Ole H · 2012/02/14 at 08:41 · Reply

      For those wondering if they should go for the series 7 slate instead of the ep121 beause of battery life, be aware of the aspect ratio of the screens!
      Ep121 = 16:10 :)
      Series7 = 16:9 :(

      On top of that the series 7 screen is smaller in general.
      Not a good aspect for drawing.

      If battery life worries you on the ep121 get an energizer battery extender and you have 9 hours battery life under 720p movie playback. Should last just as long in photoshop.

  14. Max Vu · 2012/02/13 at 11:45 · Reply

    seriously Daarken,I was looking for one of these but all the information on ebay are confusing me.

    So would be great if you can sell me your Fujitsu.
    Just make you call :)

  15. CKMoore · 2012/02/13 at 13:10 · Reply

    Some thoughts on the ep121 –
    I could be wrong, but I could have swore all penabled had 256 levels of pressure.

    One of the problems I saw when I was researching into a tablet pc/slate, was that it has a built in battery – thus you couldn’t buy two batteries and swap them. My big concern was being able to draw any time, anywhere, for a long length of time. I didn’t see the ep121 as a viable option for this, simply because of the low battery life (which you mentioned in the video). That’s a big reason I went with a tablet pc (fujitsu lifebook t900), because you can swap out batteries if you want, and you can use a battery bay to extend the life. I haven’t timed out how long I can draw on it, but I know I can get several hours of use with no problems at all.

    Having said that, if I were to get a slate (which I do want, someday), I’d go for one that allows the battery to be removed/replaced if needed. Having to be plugged in, or limited in how long you can draw, sucks ;). There has to be some quality slates that allow this…

    • daarken
      daarken · 2012/02/13 at 14:26 · Reply

      Yeah, that is one of the downsides to the EP121 that I forgot to mention. But yes, it all depends on what the person is looking for to fit their needs. For me I am never without access to a socket for longer than 3 hours, so I usually don’t have to worry about my battery running out if I am just running off the battery.

  16. Chemsem · 2012/02/13 at 15:36 · Reply

    256 levels of pressure for the slate 7 according to this guy:

  17. Ricardo Arganza · 2012/02/13 at 15:58 · Reply

    Hey everyone again.
    This may help those mates who has battery life trouble.
    I think 3 or 4 extra hours is good enough, but there are more expensive (and heavier) models that provides more battery lifetime.
    About the Samsung series 7, i heard is a better machine than the asus in many ways but not for artists. That´s because the colours are very saturated (i think you may calibrate the screen anyway), and the screen is smaller and also wider and makes uncomfortable to draw on it. Sure is faster but i think it may be more usefull for movies and games than for artwork production. Just an opinion.

    • Chemsem · 2012/02/14 at 14:34 · Reply

      How or where did you hear that the slate 7 is not good for artists? I’m dying to try either slates that have been discussed. If you have a link I would love to see it.

    • daarken
      daarken · 2012/03/21 at 14:31 · Reply

      Just so that everyone is aware, the Energizer batteries like the xp8000 and xp18000 do not support the Asus EP121. Even though it comes with 15 different adapters, none of them fit the Asus. You can get “free” tips from Energizer, but they do not make one for the Asus. The only way to get it to fit is by cutting down wires, buying different adapters, and hacking together your own adapter.

  18. Steve · 2012/02/14 at 16:12 · Reply

    Nice review sir! I’m pretty impressed with both and have been thinking about going this route for a secondary machine (as opposed to a Macbook).

    Question – can the Fujitsu be used as a second monitor on another system? I know I’ve seen people using Cintiq’s as second monitors, but didn’t know if that would be possible with the Fujitsu (or any tablet for that matter).


    • daarken
      daarken · 2012/02/14 at 16:45 · Reply

      The Fujitsu has a port for an external monitor, like I showed in the video. I have not used it myself.

      • richard · 2014/02/15 at 14:50 · Reply

        external monitor? does that mean the fujitsu can be used AS a second monitor (cintiq style), or does it mean you can connect a 2nd monitor to the fujitsu?

  19. Venge · 2012/02/14 at 16:42 · Reply

    Heres a forum on thats dedicated to the Samsung 7 Slate.

    Figured since I researched it a bit more I would post here so anyone else looking could read it if they wanted to.

    Seems like a lot of people are using this and the Asus.

    • daarken
      daarken · 2012/02/14 at 17:36 · Reply

      Awesome, thanks for the link! Several people mentioned Photoshop running like crap on the Asus, but I have no problems running Photoshop. I do all of my professional work on it, and I haven’t had any problems yet.

  20. Ricardo Arganza · 2012/02/15 at 03:49 · Reply

    Hi, everyone.
    Chemsem. I can´t really tell you, where i heard about this because i´ve been looking for info in so many places i´m about to drive crazy. I´m sorry but sometimes i can´t express myself properly in english because is not my first language and i make huge mistakes. What i meant is that SS7 is not “as good” as the asus, because of the size of the screen (too wide) as opposite to the performance. If you don´t mind this size matter and need a faster machine, then the Samsung is your best choice.
    You know you can see tons of reviews and be more confused than when you started looking for info. I don´t realy mind how the machine works with video, hand writing recognition, games or any other thing but painter or photoshop, and all i see is computer geeks playin in art rage with a default 900 pix canvas, is frustrating. (Thanks to Daarken for this video again.) XD.
    I´ll really apreciate a first person review of both because these too slates are not for sale in my country and can´t try them myself, so i´d like to be completely sure when i buy one. In europe the Samsung is 1149€ (1512$) and the Asus 1027€ (1352$). I have to buy theme in germany or UK, so maybe it´s difficult or even imposible to return it (i live in Spain), so i won´t like to be wrong to choose one! XD
    Any help is so much apreciated!

    • Chemsem · 2012/02/16 at 11:34 · Reply

      I know how you feel, Ricardo. Its tough to make out all those reviews when all you want is to see how well it works for the things you use. I don’t understand why anyone would buy these machines for gaming. I draw on an Intuos 3 widescreen tablet (they don’t make them anymore) so I imagine that the slate 7 is similar. I heard problems that the glass on the screen moves or something. Not sure. I think someone linked to it somewhere (conceptorg) on the responses. Do not worry. Your writing is excellent. I see no problems with it not being your first language. I have more problems with my native spanish and would be more noticeable than you writing in english. :-)

    • daarken
      daarken · 2012/02/16 at 12:56 · Reply

      Maybe I can try to do some more demos of me actually doing an entire painting with the EP121 so you can get a better idea of how it performs. The only problem is that when I use Camtasia to record it, sometimes they playback isn’t as smooth as the actual painting, so maybe I’ll do an over the shoulder type deal with my video camera.

      • Chemsem · 2012/02/16 at 15:45 · Reply

        That would be great. Even something simple, but if you can describe the feeling you get when you press your weight on the screen, I heard that there is some give on portions of the screen like it might not have that much support.

        • daarken
          daarken · 2012/02/17 at 11:30 · Reply

          I haven’t had any problems with the screen when I press down on it. The Asus is made out of gorilla glass, so it should be really tough. But yeah, I don’t notice any “give” when I press down.

  21. Ricardo Arganza · 2012/02/17 at 05:22 · Reply

    That´ll be amazing. In my oppinion is enough with a part of the final stage (when the archive is quite big), but watching the full proccess may be amazing. I´m quite sure i´ll go for the asus. I´ve drawn on paper the real size of the screen in both cases and the SS7 looks too small and narrow for me. Also the asus is cheaper and better built so i´m pretty sure i´ll follow your steps.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Chemsem · 2012/02/17 at 11:18 · Reply

      Hey Ricardo, is the Asus sturdier? I need to see some comparisons. So tough. I live in the states but I don’t have a store nearby that showcases these two items.

  22. Ricardo Arganza · 2012/02/17 at 13:57 · Reply

    Hi Chemsem. I think they are pretty much the same, but the samsung has that screen trouble (it splits from the bottom). In the newest models that problem seems to be fixed but with importation i don´t really want to risk.
    The truth is a only hear good things about the samsung (as i did before about the asus) but i don´t think that 16/9 format is comfortable for me. As i said i draw the dimensions of both screens on paper and the Samsung´s is narrower than my ipad2. Too small!
    I feel that since the Samsung is more powerful and newer, everyone thinks the asus is crap but 2 months ago the same people thought it was the most amazing machine ever. Ok, the samsung is faster but that doesn´t make the Asus slow. If it´s enough for me, why paying more for something i don´t really need. If i ever need real power i´ll work on my Imac not on a slate. I like the idea of drawing directly on the screen and i really think that will improve my workflow. I need it since i´m promoting myself to work as an international freelance illustrator but i don´t need to replace my actual computer and since it may be nice i don´t need either a superportable toy (i don´t picture myself drawing zombies in a coffe shop with the old ladies watching over my shoulder XD).
    To resume, if the Asus is enough for Daarken, an artist i admire, much more experienced than me, why should i need (and also pay) more?

  23. Garlock · 2012/02/17 at 15:20 · Reply

    FYI, Wacom has ‘tablet drivers’ on their site which will allow you to use the intuos pen on the Asus ep 121.

    • daarken
      daarken · 2012/02/17 at 18:24 · Reply

      Can you confirm for a fact that you can use the Intuos pen with the Asus? I have those drivers but my Intuos pens do not work with the Asus or the Fujitsu. I also noticed that the thread you linked mentions nothing about those drivers adding Intuos pen support to the Asus.

  24. alessandro · 2012/02/17 at 16:43 · Reply

    my name is alexander and excuse my bad English.
    I would buy the fujitsu.
    I have a question for you: I found the fujitsu st 5020.
    is good?
    Newer models are good for drawing?
    excuse my stupid question!

  25. Tizbi · 2012/02/21 at 19:27 · Reply

    I was actually kinda debating over which tablet I should get last christmas
    but ended up not getting either since I was so undecided
    thanks for the video
    it’s great help :D

  26. LarsonJ · 2012/02/23 at 13:36 · Reply

    why not just get a wacom cintiq 12?

    • daarken
      daarken · 2012/02/23 at 15:15 · Reply

      Because the Cintiq 12 has to be attached to a computer. The purpose of getting a tablet pc is portability.

  27. vectorjuz · 2012/03/14 at 23:51 · Reply

    Hi Daarken, are you using the Asus Drivers with the Axiotron Studio Pen ?

    I got in touch with wacom and can confirm that Intuos pens do not work with the ep121. The side-switch model pen Wacom makes that is compatible is the UP801E pen, though Wacom have none in stock and they seem to be sold out everywhere.

    Oh well, they don’t look to be as solid as the Axiotron anyway :)

    • daarken
      daarken · 2012/03/15 at 01:19 · Reply

      I believe I am using the drivers from Wacom’s site.

  28. vectorjuz · 2012/03/16 at 06:17 · Reply

    Thanks very much, appreciate your quick response :)

  29. Joe · 2012/04/04 at 04:26 · Reply

    Just bought myself one of the Asus Ep 121′s at absolutely love it!! updated the drivers to get it working with photoshop and the paint dock is an amazing application.

    Question for all you EP121 and Samsung Series 7 Slate owners….
    Screen protector or no?? if so what’s it like with one? and which did you buy?

  30. Kevin · 2012/04/30 at 19:26 · Reply

    Really liking the looks of the Asus.

    Would having only 256 levels of pressure vs 512 really make a difference in photoshop for drawing/painting?

    • daarken
      daarken · 2012/05/01 at 00:22 · Reply

      You can tell the difference, but it is still usable for professional work.

  31. Kevin · 2012/05/01 at 04:56 · Reply

    I’d love to see a quick painting demo on the ASUS in regards to pressure sensitivity. That’s the only thing holding me back from getting the ASUS…

    If I could find an ST5112 on ebay that looked decent or had all its parts then I might consider that. Problem is there are a lot of variations out there especially with CPU type. I had found one for what seemed a good deal but the CPU was not a Core Duo and the unit was NOT pressure sensitive. Good thing I read the fine print

    • daarken
      daarken · 2012/05/01 at 09:18 · Reply

      In the video I showed some painting on the ASUS. There isn’t really a “test” I can do to show pressure sensitivity, it is pretty much subjective. I haven’t found any real way to test pressure sensitivity objectively.

  32. Kevin Olson · 2012/05/01 at 07:56 · Reply

    Daarken, do you think its more important to have higher pressure levels or a faster/more powerful tablet?

  33. Kevin Olson · 2012/05/01 at 08:36 · Reply

    Okay, I just bought the Fujitsu ST5112 with the docking stand for $294 on ebay..

    Hope i don’t regret it :0

    • Kevin Olson · 2012/05/01 at 09:11 · Reply

      BTW, it’s a full refurb with brand new screen and the Core Duo U2500, with 4GB of Ram and 80GB HD. It also came with the DVD/CDRW Dock/Stand.

  34. Kevin · 2012/05/02 at 09:26 · Reply

    Hey daarken,

    Do you find that the “responsiveness” while drawing with normal size brushes on the Fujitsu to be on par with the newer faster Asus?

    I had a chance to try out an Eee Slate today at work and it was super smooth, just like I was drawing with a pencil and paper. I just can’t afford one right now….

    Hoping the Fujitsu will provide the same feel.

    • daarken
      daarken · 2012/05/03 at 11:04 · Reply

      I actually show myself painting on the Fujitsu. Watch this tutorial.

      • Kevin · 2012/05/03 at 20:10 · Reply

        Perfect!! My ST5112 arrives tomorrow! Can’t wait to get Photoshop and Windows 7 on it and get going!

  35. Will · 2012/05/31 at 20:39 · Reply

    A friend showed me how to confirm that the Fujitsu ST5112 has 256 levels of pressure. You can tell by going to the ISD tablet in control panel and then clicking the About button then Diagnose. Levels are 255(0 counts as 1). But, I have a Cintiq 24HD also that is 2048 levels of pressure and there’s not a huge difference, 256 levels is perfectly fine :)

    • daarken
      daarken · 2012/05/31 at 21:40 · Reply

      Oh cool, thanks for the info!

  36. Lomberts · 2012/06/10 at 13:32 · Reply

    hello going to buy an asus. was in doubt because of a level of case of it i was thinking about just buy a new notebook with an intusio tablet instead of my old wacom pen (it becomes small for me) but ur review persuaded me to choose the asus.i had read all the theme but still didn’t got the size of a brush which push asus to laggy,but if u said it’s enough good for professional work guess it’s enough for me as well :D or u’ll pay for that ! :D good luck with art

  37. Orangee · 2012/08/24 at 01:00 · Reply

    Hi there, thanks for review! I have two questions.
    1. Is there something in between these two, i mean characteristics and price?
    2. How do you distribute ps to such tablet? are there any othere possible programs to install, like sai or autodesk sketchbook? cause photoshop is damn expensive (


    • daarken
      daarken · 2012/08/24 at 10:13 · Reply

      1. I haven’t really seen anything that falls between the two price points. Typically a new, pressure sensitive tablet will run around $1k.
      2. Yes you can install other programs like sai or autodesk. These are PCs, they run Windows. You can install any Windows program on them, it doesn’t have to be Photoshop. They are just like normal computers.

  38. IE · 2012/11/24 at 12:40 · Reply

    hey guys so i just got my fujitsu a few days, ago, installed wacom enhanced graphics driver for the pen and deleted the fujitsu one, anyways, even before i deleted the fujitsu, isd pen settins keep on showing me just one button and not two, whats up with that? doesnt anyone know? ive been searching for days!

  39. Ambiguity · 2013/01/04 at 01:08 · Reply

    CS2 takes a while to boot on any PC, it was optimized in CS3 to load very fast.

  40. Ivan · 2013/01/11 at 02:16 · Reply

    I’ve bought Asus Slate B 121 recently, and my tablet works with problems. I’m talking about drawing: Photoshop CS4 lags strongly (it’s about 1 second delay between pencil touch and drawing the line on display), and Corel Painter IX reacts very specifically on pressure – either it’s strong or very-very weak. It’s almost impossible to draw something there. I see your work on that video is very smooth, but I don’t understand where is the problem? I have all up-to-date drivers, and I’ve tried both Win 7×32/x64 versions, but the result is just the same.

    • daarken
      daarken · 2013/01/11 at 08:27 · Reply

      Hmm, I’m not sure what the problem is. I use the EP121, not the B121 so I can’t really say. Sorry about that!

  41. Peter · 2015/12/19 at 23:44 · Reply

    Hi there Daarken, love your work.

    Just a few questions. Are there any alternatives up to 350 – 400$ Most likely spread worldwide? Im from europe and neither of these are available in EU without shipping used ones form US for a really huge price.

    • daarken
      daarken · 2015/12/31 at 22:17 · Reply

      Honestly, I’m not really sure. I have no idea which computers are readily available in other countries. I also don’t really know of any machines like this for that cheap that aren’t either really old or used.

      One of the cheapest options is probably the Windows Surface Pro 3, but that still starts at $799. You might be able to find cheaper used ones though.

      • Peter · 2016/01/09 at 11:10 · Reply

        Well then i guess it’s better to go straight for Wacom Cintiq 13HD or save up for Wacom Cintiq Companion.

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