Creating Muzzle Flashes – Two Techniques

Posted on 2014/10/25 at 13:57 by daarken 2 Comments

In this tutorial Daarken shows you two different techniques for creating muzzle flashes. The first is achieved by painting the flashes by hand and combining a linear dodge (add) layer. The second is using live-action frames in combination with layer effects.

For more information about the live-action clips mentioned in the video, please visit Video Copilot.

Creating Muzzle Flashes – Two Techniques from Daarken on Vimeo.

2 Comments on "Creating Muzzle Flashes – Two Techniques"

  1. Durandal · 2014/10/25 at 18:06 · Reply


  2. Adam Duff · 2014/10/26 at 20:14 · Reply

    You could slap a big turd in that image and it would still look awesome, but sure, muzzle flashes would be the smarter choice.

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