Ellipses in Perspective, Again

Posted on 2012/02/01 at 00:15 by daarken 3 Comments

Ellipses in perspective again, yay! In the previous video I forgot the crucial step of finding the midpoint of the square first before dividing the sides. At some angles it looks like you can divide the sides in half, but at other angles you can’t do that, so you have to find the midpoint first. In this video I will show you how to draw ellipses in Google Sketchup. This technique can be used with any medium, but I wanted to use SketchUp to show why you can’t just divide the sides without finding the midpoint first.

3 Comments on "Ellipses in Perspective, Again"

  1. Steffen · 2012/02/01 at 01:49 · Reply

    I think it only is the mid point of a square, when your horizon line is crossing your mid-point you just showed. What I saw when you rotated the camera was the following: The more you move with an object away from the horizon, the more different is the length of the two parts of the side sections to show the mid-point of the circle.

    Sorry if there’s anything unclear, ans maybe it’s more like a rule of thumb. But having that rule in mind is making mistakes more obvious to see. I think I’ll try some things out here and let you know if I figure something out.

  2. Duane · 2012/02/01 at 11:35 · Reply

    If I may make book suggestion for your viewers just getting into perspective… “Perspective Made Easy by Ernest R. Norling”. The whole text was on scribd last time I checked.

    Great videos by the way!

  3. kyle · 2012/02/03 at 07:23 · Reply

    good stuff, Daarken. I need to keep up on these better. school stuff y’know…/sigh.

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