Female Nude Seated – Part 01 Line Drawing

Posted on 2012/06/01 at 00:04 by daarken 7 Comments

This is the first part of a three part series covering how to draw a female nude from photo reference. In this first part Daarken starts out with a line drawing. Part one is filmed in real time. Part two and three will cover adding value and refining the details.

Warning – There is no commentary in this video, so if you feel that you won’t learn anything without audio, then you are not required to watch it.


Music by Tom Fahy from Hinterlands.

7 Comments on "Female Nude Seated – Part 01 Line Drawing"

  1. DrewMuch · 2012/06/01 at 10:52 · Reply

    Hey Daarken, I’ve noticed you don’t put down a stick figure or any roughing before you sketch.

    Do you draw by line reference? Meaning that you see where you are compared to the rest of the line work or where you are approximately in the picture and then you continue from there?

    I’m asking because sometimes that seems to work better for me than roughing a figure and then adding details.

    Also, this music is dangerous right after waking up. :P lol

    Thanks! Again, awesome video. :)

    • daarken
      daarken · 2012/06/01 at 11:26 · Reply

      Yeah, I usually don’t use any construction lines, especially if I am working from reference. I’ve just always enjoyed direct drawing more for some reason.

  2. Trace007 · 2012/06/01 at 12:37 · Reply

    Nice vid, relaxing too.

  3. Johnny · 2012/06/02 at 10:25 · Reply

    Hey Daarken, I was wondering if you could maybe talk about some more foundation stuff like anatomy, composition, perspective, color theory, lighting, etc. or maybe you can suggest some books on those subjects. I am contemplating going to art school and I am wanting to learn these things by myself but it is really difficult. I’m not sure where to start.

    • daarken
      daarken · 2012/06/02 at 10:30 · Reply

      I’ve actually done a few videos already on anatomy, perspective, lighting, etc. I will try to do some more in the future as well. I also mentioned several books in my other videos that are good, such as Figure Drawing for All It’s Worth by Andrew Loomis, the Bridgman books, and the Hogarth books. Many other people also linked books and sites they liked.

  4. Judy · 2012/06/05 at 08:33 · Reply

    Great video Daarken, and we always learn from you, either with commentary or without :)

  5. Patrick · 2012/06/08 at 22:50 · Reply

    Love the site and thanks for the tuts, I notice that you compensate for the photo with your knowledge of anatomy ( for example from rib down to abdomen).? It seems like live studies are a huge part of an artists progress and that photos are not enough. What is your advice for the new artist who is nervous about going to live classes?
    Thanks for everything

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