Figure Drawing in Perspective – Using Head Measurements

Posted on 2012/02/23 at 23:56 by daarken 18 Comments

After the previous video talking about head measurements some people were wondering how to draw figures in perspective while still maintaining those same head measurements. In this video Daarken will show you two ways to draw a figure in perspective that uses the 8 head figure. Beware, these are really horrible drawings but you get the idea. Be sure to check out Figure Drawing for all it’s Worth by Andrew Loomis for examples of this method with drawings that don’t suck.

18 Comments on "Figure Drawing in Perspective – Using Head Measurements"

  1. Trace007 · 2012/02/24 at 00:41 · Reply

    Most excellent.

  2. Trace007 · 2012/02/24 at 00:48 · Reply

    I was getting some lag issues with the video. Sound was fine though.

    • daarken
      daarken · 2012/02/24 at 01:02 · Reply

      The video is slightly choppy in some areas because I was recording it on my tablet PC. As you may know, tablet PCs aren’t as powerful as desktops, so running Photoshop and Camtasia at the same time cause a little bit of lag.

      • Trace007 · 2012/02/24 at 01:07 · Reply

        Oh yes, definitely. The lag was very minor anyway.

  3. Judy · 2012/02/24 at 06:18 · Reply

    wow Daarken, thanks so much. This tutorial helps a lot!!!

  4. Mathias · 2012/02/24 at 11:45 · Reply

    Thanks Daarken, I am actually going through Andrew Loomis’ book Figure Drawing For All Its Worth at the moment ^^

    Haven’t reached this point in it yet though, but I am sure it will help me further understand it as so far his hints and teachings can be quite cryptic!

    • daarken
      daarken · 2012/02/24 at 12:06 · Reply

      Haha yeah, sometimes he just scribbles in some cryptic notes on his images and you kind of have to try and decode them based on the drawings.

  5. Jack Wurm · 2012/02/24 at 14:18 · Reply

    Great tut as usual.

    Sounds like you have a bit of a cold. It’s cool watching the buttons on Paintdock light up every once in a while as you work.

    • daarken
      daarken · 2012/02/24 at 14:30 · Reply

      Lol yeah I do ;____;

  6. Johnny · 2012/02/25 at 23:30 · Reply

    When you do your figures do you usually plan them out like this and then paint over it?

    • daarken
      daarken · 2012/02/26 at 00:02 · Reply

      Haha, nope, not at all! I just paint everything by eyeballing it…although maybe I should do some more measuring…

  7. DrewMuch · 2012/02/26 at 00:13 · Reply

    Dude you really sound sick…quite the nasal voice there. Hope you get well soon. =)

    Also, I would hug you if I saw you in person…I am SO happy to see this tutorial. I’m so sick of drawing my characters standing and all indifferent all the time.

    This has just given me a whole new world of ideas. Oh and by the way, I started a personal 30 day character challenge. If you get time please check out my blog and give me some input.


    • daarken
      daarken · 2012/02/26 at 00:15 · Reply

      Yup, I was sick at the time. Heh, I didn’t think I sounded THAT bad :).

  8. Raphael · 2012/02/28 at 10:18 · Reply

    Hey Daarken,

    nice tutorial that were some good technics to improve my drawings thanks :)

    I have one question.. I allready own “Gottfried Bammes: Die Gestalt des Menschen” would you say “Figure Drawing for all it’s Worth” would be a nice addition ?

    • daarken
      daarken · 2012/02/28 at 10:48 · Reply

      Thanks! I’ve actually never seen that book, so I am not sure what it has in it. Figure Drawing for all It’s Worth is a great book and it is always nice to see how other artists approach the same subject. Plus I’m sure his drawing style is different.

  9. yume · 2012/03/07 at 03:06 · Reply

    thaught me in 5 minutes what my teacher failed to teach me in 13 years of education cheers! ^^
    thank you

  10. martin · 2012/03/21 at 20:53 · Reply

    regarding the 2nd method.

    the thinner the angle of the perspective lines the less foreshortened the figure would be?

  11. otsoa · 2012/10/20 at 08:41 · Reply

    Hi !
    Thx, It’s very usefull !

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