Anatomy 101 – Basic Proportions

Posted on 2012/02/15 at 08:54 by daarken 16 Comments

Basic proportions are very important to keep in mind when drawing or painting from imagination. Learning basic proportions and actually applying it to your imaginative work can be tough, but with practice it will come more naturally. In this tutorial Daarken shows you some of the basic proportions of the human figure from the front and side view. There are many other tutorials out there that talk about basic proportions, so be sure to check them out.

The figures shown in the into screen are from Figure Drawing for all it’s Worth by Andrew Loomis. This book was just reprinted last year so be sure to pick one up, it is an amazing book.

16 Comments on "Anatomy 101 – Basic Proportions"

  1. Konky · 2012/02/15 at 10:51 · Reply

    Awesome! more anatomy!

    Do you think you could cover twisting/bending in the torso in some tutorial? :) and possible connecting the head to the torso?… im kinda struggling with this a little.. i’ve studied anatomy quite a lot.. but those things are extra difficult i think :)

    • daarken
      daarken · 2012/02/15 at 11:30 · Reply

      Yeah no problem, I’ll be covering more anatomy coming up.

  2. Matthew(Themachine88) · 2012/02/15 at 12:55 · Reply

    Nice vid. Is there a way to directly and simply apply these approximations to more complex poses in perspective? I have trouble with proportions in very dynamic poses. And once the view point is moved up or down a bit my head explodes.

  3. pabgo · 2012/02/15 at 14:00 · Reply

    will you get into each muscle, and their origins and insertions? also, will you do a posed model?

    • daarken
      daarken · 2012/02/15 at 15:22 · Reply

      I will do a posed model, but I definitely won’t be going over the origin and insertions of each muscle. I will probably also break each part down and do some quick tutorials on how to draw legs, arms, etc.

  4. Jose Ferreira · 2012/02/15 at 15:32 · Reply

    So a few months ago I come across this video on youtube of this guy by the name of Daarken. Blew me away. I had to go out and buy a tablet and started drawing again. Something I hadn’t done since highschool. Please keep it going. I’ve been a fan of your art from Magic the Gathering, a game I’ve played since “the dark”. Love your tutorials. I was watching one of them where you say you rather work from a brief. How about if we “the fans” put together some briefs for you to work on? Or maybe run a contest on the site for amateurs like myself where you make the brief and we present you with the work. It would be great to have you disect some work. That would be a great tutorial not on what you should do but what you shouldn’t do. Any way man you are amazing love the work I hope the site stays up for a long time. Thanks for the hard work.

    • daarken
      daarken · 2012/02/15 at 17:00 · Reply

      Thanks! Those are all great ideas. Hopefully if I have some time I can implement them.

  5. Shaun Lindow · 2012/02/15 at 16:00 · Reply

    Good stuff! Very useful!

  6. Judy · 2012/02/15 at 17:14 · Reply

    wow really good stuff, thanks a lot!!

  7. Jawad · 2012/02/16 at 06:12 · Reply

    Great stuff, looking forward more of your tutorials on foundations. Enliighten community can become a place for artists for learning and interaction. It will be really great if you give some assignments for the beginners level artists.

  8. Johnny · 2012/02/16 at 12:56 · Reply

    Thanks for the video Daarken. How about an action pose or a dynamic pose, do you count heads for that too? Also, how do you keep foreshortened things in proportion?

    • daarken
      daarken · 2012/02/16 at 13:13 · Reply

      I’ll actually be going over those things in future videos :). Thanks!

  9. piyapaks · 2012/02/20 at 22:35 · Reply

    Hi, daarken, thanks very much for your fantastic videos, it’s helped me a lot. I second the suggestion for more stuff on anatomy.

    I found this to be a very useful, simplified reference :

    I’ve just started out on drawing your site is very useful, so thanks again for your efforts. BTW, I’ve just got Loomis’ book – it’s beautifully printed and highly recommended.

    • daarken
      daarken · 2012/02/21 at 12:02 · Reply

      Awesome reference, thanks for the link!

  10. pips · 2012/02/24 at 08:02 · Reply – full of poses and muscle structure and although i have these books, i think this is a link to the pdf’s – these are are wonderful inspiration.

    great tutorial thank you

  11. Arthur · 2013/04/02 at 20:26 · Reply

    @pips i highly not recommend this pose-maniac figure. Its simplified in very wrong way. Anatomical incorrect mesh is covered with muscle texture with wrong scale and position. I wouldn’t memorized does pictures.

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