Female Figure Drawing – From Imagination

Posted on 2012/04/13 at 11:08 by daarken 2 Comments

In this video Daarken shows how to paint a female standing figure from imagination. This video was requested by a fan, so hopefully some people will find it useful. This is a fairly quick study, so it is filmed in real time and in its entirety.

2 Comments on "Female Figure Drawing – From Imagination"

  1. Chris · 2019/01/16 at 11:17 · Reply

    Great to see your process. I have a question, how are you able to paint this much detail from imagination? Is it because you have done tons of photostudies and some things stuck in your head or is it something else?

    • daarken
      daarken · 2019/04/01 at 20:05 · Reply

      Sorry for the late reply, I hardly check this site anymore. Yeah, it’s basically from years and years of practice.

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