Life Drawing – Painting an Ear

Posted on 2012/03/21 at 10:36 by daarken 2 Comments

In keeping with breaking down individual body parts, in this video Daarken shows you how to paint an ear from imagination. Many people tend to ignore or not give ears much attention, but they can be important and fun things to paint. Like hands, ears can be broken down into simple shapes and planes in order to understand the forms more easily.

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  1. Lukas / LastGen · 2012/04/10 at 10:09 · Reply

    Thanks for that tutorial, skintones are really tough.

    Could you maybe talk about motivation and how to stay couraged in one of your next tutorials?
    I think the path of process never stops and sometimes it might be hard to not lose focus. As for me – as an absolute beginner – there are moments where I don’t believe in succeeding and ever finding a way into the industry. Though, I keep practicing because my mind tells me that it’s the way of failure that leads me to success, even though I don’t see any progress.
    I’ve heard from professional artists that they also have had tough times because things don’t work out as they expected them to do; a client offers the job to someone who isn’t that good, lack of creativity and step-backs.

    How did you manage to deal with this and what can you suggest to someone who tries to get into concept art and illustration in order to stay focused and keep on practicing?

    That’d be great and I really would appreciate it if you could tell us something about the “bad sites of the industry” and how to deal with them. Thank you very much!

    • daarken
      daarken · 2012/04/18 at 09:15 · Reply

      Thanks for the suggestion, I will definitely try to cover that in a future tutorial.

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