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Posted on 2011/12/27 at 13:35 by daarken 41 Comments

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Hey all! I am excited to announce that I have a new full length tutorial coming out on 1.9.12. It has been about nine months since I came out with the Sci-Fi Environment Design tutorial, so it was about time to finally put together a new tutorial.

Not only has my painting technique changed and evolved, but also my filming equipment has improved. I now have a better mic, I switched from Camtasia to Screenflow, and I also have After Effects, Encore, and Audition that I used to make the trailer and upcoming DVD version. The other cool thing about this tutorial is that it is 160 minutes (well, technically 158 minutes and 52 seconds) of real time video. You may say “but your stuff is usually in real time.” They are, but with my other tutorials like The Final Charge and The Female Hunter, I had to skip over parts in order to keep the tutorial a reasonable length. The videos were still in real time, but I couldn’t release a 6 hour long tutorial…I think people would go nuts and I probably couldn’t talk for 6 hours straight, haha. What is different about this tutorial is that I didn’t skip over any parts, so you can see the entire tutorial. I only edited out a few seconds when error messages popped up or when I was navigating through folders in order to save my file, but other than that I didn’t skip any of the actual painting. I also want to mention that this was painted in straight color. I didn’t do a black and white sketch beforehand, so I won’t talk about adding color to a black and white sketch. My other tutorials (Female Hunter, Sci-Fi Environment Design, and The Final Charge) cover adding color to a black and white sketch.

Now on to the parts you want to know about. Below are the specs of the tutorial. I know I haven’t actually mentioned what the tutorial is about, so you will have to watch the trailer in order to find out! I hope you enjoy it!

Tutorial Specs
Price – $10.99
Release Date – 1.9.12
Format – Quicktime (DVD version availability date TBD)
Dimensions – 1920×1200
Length – 2 hours 39 minutes.
Bonus Material – Brushes and layered PSD file
Language – English, full commentary
Topics covered – Composition, character design, custom brushes, techniques for painting trees and leaves, atmospheric perspective, storytelling, and more!

Update – Many people have been asking about paying with credit cards because they don’t have Paypal. I went through my own checkout process and after you finish the checkout process on my site it takes you to the Paypal page. You then have the option to click on “Don’t have a Paypal account?” which should allow you to pay using a debit or credit card. I am not sure if this is a fairly new option or what. Back when I first opened my store I tried to accept credit card payments but Paypal told me in order to accept credit cards I would have to sign up for it and pay a monthly fee. Maybe things have changed in the past two years. Anyway, people should be able to pay with debit or credit cards. Sorry for any confusion. Thanks!

41 Comments on "The Untraveled Path – Trailer"

  1. Shaun Lindow · 2011/12/28 at 11:39 · Reply

    I’m so buying this when it comes out…

  2. verbaltachi · 2011/12/28 at 12:05 · Reply

    Looking forward to it!

  3. Nezumi · 2011/12/28 at 13:20 · Reply

    Cant wait to see it! Buying it 100%.

  4. Carlos Arthur · 2011/12/28 at 14:53 · Reply

    :D I’ll use the credit card of my mother

    • daarken
      daarken · 2011/12/28 at 14:58 · Reply

      Lol. Actually I only take Paypal.

      • Carlos Arthur · 2011/12/29 at 10:26 · Reply

        :O i dont have paypal account, poor me :C

        • daarken
          daarken · 2011/12/29 at 10:29 · Reply

          Aww. Well Paypal is free and it is really easy to make an account.

        • evaxe · 2011/12/30 at 10:48 · Reply

          one of the best things about paypal is that YOU DONT NEED ONE TO PAY with credit card. it just depends how the seller has it set up.

          example. when i bought tuts from xia at idrawgirls. the options where log in if i had one and the other create one and pay.

          but when i bought tuts from tad media/massive black the check out page options where log in and pay or checkout as guest.

          • daarken
            daarken · 2011/12/30 at 11:14 ·

            Hmm, back when I opened my store a couple of years ago Paypal told me that in order for me to accept credit card payment I would have to pay a monthly fee, which is why I declined to accept credit card payments. Maybe things are different now?

        • daarken
          daarken · 2012/01/02 at 00:29 · Reply

          Ok, so I tried checking out from my own store and after you go through the checkout process it will bring you to the Paypal page. You can then click the link “Don’t have a Paypal account?” It should then allow you to pay using a debit or credit card.

  5. Nahe · 2011/12/28 at 15:22 · Reply

    I have not paypal account, can i buy it with credit card?

    • daarken
      daarken · 2012/01/02 at 00:26 · Reply

      Paypal is free and it is very easy to create an account. I have heard people saying that you don’t have to create an account though. When you finish checking out it will bring you to the Paypal page. You can click the option “Don’t have a Paypal account?” It should allow you to use a debit or credit card.

  6. Trace007 · 2011/12/28 at 15:26 · Reply

    That was so epic I think I shat myself.

  7. Chris · 2011/12/28 at 15:28 · Reply

    Hi Daarken, I have gotten some of your other tutorials and I can typically replicate them and actually make them look somewhat decent. But when I go to do my own thing it looks absolutely horrible. I’m hoping that I will just eventually be able to do my own works after much more practicing, many master copies, still lifes and figure studies. But still, my belief in myself wears thin. Do you have any advise on trasitioning from drawing from life and master copies to doing my own original works of art from my imagination? I hope I am capable of one day being close to as good as you, but I do not pressure myself into believing i will be as good. If i get close i’ll be more than happy.

    And yes I am going to buy this.

    • daarken
      daarken · 2011/12/28 at 17:34 · Reply

      Don’t worry, I had the same exact problem when I started out. Unfortunately there isn’t much you can do other than practice. You just have to build up your mental library from observation and drawing from life. Master copies are good from time to time, but I think you will benefit more in the long run if you focus on drawing from life.

  8. peza · 2011/12/28 at 15:46 · Reply

    Finally a jungle scene done by daarken that we can follow! :)

  9. francis ansing · 2011/12/28 at 16:14 · Reply

    i want this!

  10. Ivan J Badia · 2011/12/28 at 18:41 · Reply

    Love your work, it has made me get back into my old sketchbooks and digitize all my concepts. good luck with….

  11. Robert · 2011/12/28 at 23:21 · Reply

    cant get enough of that awesome logo u have at the very beginning. very cool

  12. nE0n1nja · 2011/12/29 at 03:26 · Reply

    AWEESOOOOOMEEEE, I’m sooooo buying this! :D

  13. Telohs · 2011/12/29 at 07:29 · Reply

    that’s actually pretty cheap o_o looks awesome ! can’t wait, i’ll definitively going to buy this :]

  14. Robin · 2011/12/29 at 14:23 · Reply

    More informative and more entertaining than any movie <3 Looking forward to it and to october 2012 :)

  15. Carlos · 2011/12/29 at 14:55 · Reply

    O_O It´s great
    If it have subtitles I´ll buy it. I´m spanish and I can´t understand spoken English

    • daarken
      daarken · 2011/12/29 at 17:20 · Reply

      It won’t have subtitles. Adding subtitles is incredibly painstaking because I have to listen to what I say and then type it all out by hand and enter it into the computer. I tried doing it for the Sci-Fi Environment tutorial, but it was taking way too long and I didn’t have the time.

  16. Judy · 2011/12/30 at 04:17 · Reply

    Daarken you said you wont take credit card, how about debit? I ask because some of you tutorial I bought I paid using either credit/debit. But if not, I will find the way to open a PayPal I don’t think that would be a problem. But one thing that I will like to know is if I will be able to download the tutorial like your other one you are selling or it would be only DVD because I live in UK and I want to have it as soon as I buy it. 2 days left… I can’t wait.

    • Judy · 2011/12/30 at 04:54 · Reply

      Oh wait the release is the 9th I thought it was the 1st lol. Then, it would be 10 days left!!!

      • daarken
        daarken · 2012/01/02 at 00:30 · Reply

        Ok, so I tried checking out from my own store and after you go through the checkout process it will bring you to the Paypal page. You can then click the link “Don’t have a Paypal account?” It should then allow you to pay using a debit or credit card.

        • Judy · 2012/01/09 at 00:49 · Reply

          Yes Daarken, that’s what happened when I bought your tutorials and other people tuts too. I have the option to select between credit and debit. Well, I think that today is the day :)

    • daarken
      daarken · 2011/12/30 at 10:28 · Reply

      I have only ever accepted Paypal. If you check my site you will notice Paypal is the only payment option. Maybe you linked a debit card inside of Paypal or something.

      • daarken
        daarken · 2011/12/30 at 11:12 · Reply

        I dunno, maybe Paypal has changed. Back when I opened my store a couple of years ago Paypal told me in order for me to accept credit card payments I would have to pay a monthly fee, which is why I declined. Maybe things are different now.

  17. Mosk · 2011/12/30 at 10:37 · Reply

    Wow this looks amazing, i realy learn a lot from your tutorials. They are very well made and realy easy to understand. And ofcourse i must have this dvd hehe well goodluck and cheers.


  18. Phanou · 2012/01/02 at 16:03 · Reply

    Like your 3 other DVD I will buy it ;)

  19. Hector Ruiz · 2012/01/04 at 23:31 · Reply

    Looking forward to it :)

    I can add it to my other Daarken tutorials…

  20. Rene · 2012/01/09 at 02:58 · Reply

    Finally! It’s the 9th of January. Unfortunately I am a few hours ahead in Europe, so while I am anxiously awaiting the new tutorial, you are still far away in dreamland. Oh well, gotta wait some more:)

  21. Judy · 2012/01/10 at 00:50 · Reply

    Can someone tells me if I am missing something? Since yesterday I have clicking on “Sci-Fi Environment Design” (Untraveled Path) to buy the new tutorial, but when I click on the link here, it takes me to the old tutorial. Hasn’t been released? Can some one help?

    • daarken
      daarken · 2012/01/10 at 01:12 · Reply

      The Sci-Fi Environment Design tutorial is a completely different tutorial from The Untraveled Path. I was just linking it because I was talking about how the Sci-Fi Environment Design was the last tutorial that I did 9 months ago. You can buy The Untraveled Path here.

      • Judy · 2012/01/10 at 01:53 · Reply

        Ah sorry for the misunderstanding. Thanks a lot, I am already downloading it.

        • daarken
          daarken · 2012/01/10 at 07:29 · Reply

          No problem, and thanks!

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