Analysis of Form – Female Bust Part 02

Posted on 2012/03/09 at 00:07 by daarken 7 Comments

This is part 2 of a 3 part series. In this video Daarken continues painting the female bust by blocking in value. Next week Daarken will finish up the painting by putting in the final details.

7 Comments on "Analysis of Form – Female Bust Part 02"

  1. razer911 · 2012/03/09 at 03:36 · Reply

    This was great, I learned a lot, can’t wait for the final part!

  2. Wesley · 2012/03/09 at 15:19 · Reply

    Really cool. Where you can find this kind of bust that’s awesome for study.

  3. Judy · 2012/03/09 at 15:32 · Reply

    Thanks a lot Daarken, another helpful video :))

  4. Eludor · 2012/03/09 at 20:52 · Reply


    Nice room you’ve got there, is it your own flat/house or something else? Looks like a great environment to be painting in.

    So this is how you are used to paint? How do you handle changes if all your layers are all over everthing (in case of a client request or something like that)? Doing new layers above the existing and just painting the changes?
    Looks like painting on just one layer wouldnt make a diffrence except for the filesize.

    Thanks for uploading this video.

    • daarken
      daarken · 2012/03/10 at 16:43 · Reply

      Thanks! This was shot in my apartment. If I don’t have things on separate layers, then yes I would just paint the changes opaquely on a new layer.

  5. Jimroy · 2012/03/13 at 06:51 · Reply

    Fantastic work Daarken! Cheers for all these tutorials, they’ve been a great insight.

  6. Dustin Burdick · 2012/03/14 at 22:51 · Reply

    I love how your videos help me as an oil painter as well as in photoshop. I always look forward to your videos.

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