Female Standing Pose – Part 02 Adding Value

Posted on 2012/03/21 at 10:16 by daarken 4 Comments

This is part 2 of a 3 part series that covers how to draw a female nude from photo reference in black and white. In this part Daarken covers adding value to the line drawing. The third part will cover adding the final details.

4 Comments on "Female Standing Pose – Part 02 Adding Value"

  1. Tim · 2012/03/21 at 11:32 · Reply

    This site and tutorial is brilliant. I just wondered what chalk brush you are using, or if there is one in ps already that is really good? Because i’d prefer to use that rather than the hard brush in general to be honest. Just don’t want to go downloading a load of random ones.

    • daarken
      daarken · 2012/03/21 at 11:51 · Reply

      I’m actually not sure where I got it, but you can download my brushes from this site.

      • Tim · 2012/03/21 at 12:11 · Reply

        Awesome, cheers man. Keep up the good work :)

  2. Stephen · 2012/04/08 at 22:52 · Reply

    I notice that you always paint with 100% opacity and flow, what will be the difference if your going to paint with lower opacity/flow (30% opacity for example)? im really amuse that you can easily blend with 100% opacity, btw i use both hard and soft brush to blend, i think i will try this technique to learn more. anyway im one of your follower I really like this site its very helpful. More power to you Daarken. you inspire a lot aspiring artist including me :)… keep it up. Cheers

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