Female Portrait – From Imagination

Posted on 2012/03/21 at 10:33 by daarken 3 Comments

In this tutorial Daarken will take you through his process of painting a female portrait from imagination. The video is filmed in real-time and took about 50 minutes to complete.

*Update* Fixed her jaw a bit based on some feedback.

3 Comments on "Female Portrait – From Imagination"

  1. Philipp · 2012/04/11 at 22:01 · Reply

    i must say this is probably my favourite tutorial on your site. so many bits of useful information. i would really really love to see this getting colored, like in the same way you did that gorgeous olivia wilde portrait in your blog.

    the way of building up of different layer modes combined with opaque painting is for me one of the most interesting topics.

    • daarken
      daarken · 2012/04/18 at 09:14 · Reply

      Thanks! I will definitely cover adding color in future tutorials.

  2. Alex · 2012/07/31 at 12:45 · Reply

    Very helpful. Thank you!

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